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Our Process

Living a purposeful retirement is about spending time with the people you love and pursuing the things that make you happy. We start by helping you define your life goals because at Shinneman Wealth Group we believe your finances should fuel the pursuit of your goals instead of defining them.

STEP TWO – Know Your Risk Score

Finding the right balance for your investment strategy often comes down to managing risk. Many people have a difficult time quantifying their risk tolerance and that’s why we offer Riskalyze, a risk management tool that helps us determine your own risk score. You can begin your journey to purposeful planning by answering the questions in the Riskalyze calculator below.

STEP THREE – Get Your Purposeful Plan

It all starts with a complimentary review where we’ll begin by getting to know you and understanding your life goals. We’ll do a thorough review of your portfolio and current financial situation, and then use your risk tolerance score as a guide when we design your investment strategy.

The final step of the process will combine all of this information to create your very own Shinneman Wealth Group Purposeful Retirement Plan. This is a plan as unique as you are and built with a purpose. To get your Purposeful retirement plan, fill out the submit form to the right for your complimentary review.