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Wealth Management

  • Are you tired of paying broker-dealer commissions?
  • Do you have old 401(k)s that are not being looked after?
  • Are you sure your current financial advice is in your best interest?
  • Are you saving enough now to meet your retirement goals?
  • Are your investments positioned to buy low and sell high?
  • Are you exposed to too much risk in your portfolio?

Investment management does not have to be complicated to achieve the best results. It starts with your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance and ends with a comprehensive financial plan that mitigates your exposure to risk, minimizes your tax liability and maximizes your potential returns. At Shinneman Wealth Group, we pride ourselves on taking the time to educate every client on the options available to them so that you have the opportunity to understand the big picture and make educated investment decisions with our personalized guidance.

We are different from most other financial advisors you’ve met with before. We custom tailor your portfolio to match your retirement goals. Whether you are a pre-retiree, retiree, or conservative investor, we want you to have a better financial future. We want you to realize financial success for whatever your time horizon is with a portfolio that has carefully managed risk and volatility.

If you are looking for security and performance for your investments, please complete the form on this page or simply call our friendly and knowledgeable staff to request a complimentary, one hour financial review, to discuss your financial future. It’s quick, it’s easy and costs you nothing to see for yourself if we can improve your investment strategy. We look forward to helping you invest in your future.